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What are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition products, natural food supplements, and other related products used to boost the nutritional content of the diet. They are used for many purposes:
  • added to the diet to boost overall health and energy
  • to provide immune system support
  • reduce the risks of illness and age-related conditions
  • to improve athletic performance
  • to improve mental acuity
  • to support the healing process during illness and disease.
Other nutritional supplements include nutrient-dense food products. E.g. brewer’s yeast, spirulina, bee pollen, fish oils and essential fatty acid supplements, colostrum (a specialty dairy product), psyllium seed husks (a source of fiber), wheat germ, wheatgrass, and medicinal mushrooms such as the shiitake and reishi varieties.
Specialty products can offer particular health benefits or are targeted for specific conditions. These products may consist of whole foods or may be isolated compounds from natural or synthetic sources. Examples include antioxidants, probiotics (supplements containing friendly bacteria for the digestive tract), digestive enzymes, shark cartilage, or other animal products, or chemical extracts such as the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant.

nutraMetrix Isotonix Daily Essentials

nutraMetrix Supplements

Today we live in a stressful and fast-paced world with toxic burdens like polluted air, chemicals in our water, and an overabundance of unhealthy foods with artificial ingredients. As a result, the market is flooded with low-quality, ineffective vitamin and mineral supplements, and diet fads that do not support overall health. Here at Mot’us we know that our clients deserve the best products to support their nutritional needs so we use nutraMetrix as they put science and research behind their products.

The entire nutraMetrix product line of advanced nutraceuticals is formulated using the latest research, cutting-edge ingredients, and industry-leading best practices. Many nutraMetrix nutraceuticals are available using the Isotonix delivery system, designed to maximize your body’s ability to operate at its highest capacity. Isotonix products have been carefully formulated to offer enhanced bioavailability. These isotonic formulations are more effective than standard formulas because they offer maximum delivery of actives into the bloodstream since they are formulated as a replica of your body’s own fluids, such as tears, sweat and plasma.

While many other branded products may contain fillers and binders, potentially slowing down delivery of vital nutrients, Isotonix products are delivered without fillers and binders; meaning the stomach has very little work to do since the pH and tonicity are carefully designed to allow the stomach to quickly release all of the nutrients into the small intestine. With our nutraMetrix Isotonix formulas, this process takes about five minutes, whereas a standard vitamin tablet can take up to four hours.

Effective vitamin and mineral supplements help to support a healthy immune system, promote the transformation of food into energy, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support strong bones, promote mental clarity, maintain normal metabolic functioning, promotes healthy growth and repair of tissues, help maintain normal blood pressure and promote water and electrolyte balance in the body. By taking charge of your well-being, not only will you feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and reach your personal weight goals, you will also slow down your natural aging process, improve your skin health and appearance, and maintain cognitive and mental focus!

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Key Supplements at Mot’us:


Daily Essentials Kit (Sachets) – Four Incredible Isotonic Products in one (OPC-3, multivitamins, activated B-complex, Calcium Plus)

  • Primary benefits Isotonic OPC-3:
    • Grape seed, pine bark and bilberry extracts act as powerful antioxidants, demonstrating anti-inflammatory activities, and helping healthy blood flow and cardiovascular functions. Pine bark and grape seed extracts help maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Primary Benefits of Isotonix Multivitamin:
    • Calcium and Vitamin D3 support healthy bones, teeth, and heart
    • Vitamins B, C and E support optimal immune functions
  • Primary Benefits of Isotonix Activated B:
    • B Vitamins:• Help decrease stress and improve mood• Increase energy • Support normal health function • Help support healthy blood vessels and their functions
  • Primary Benefits of Isotonix Ca Plus:
    • Calcium: • Supports healthy bones as you age • Supports normal heart function • Supports normal enzyme and hormone regulation • Essential for maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth


Isotonix Magnesium – Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is involved in more than 300 enzyme systems. It is required for energy, regulation of body temperature, nerve function, adaptation to stress, metabolism and much more. Isotonix Magnesium provides the body with 100% of the recommended daily value of magnesium in a highly bioavailable formula and provides rapid absorption and superior delivery. Thanks to its unique formula, which includes two types of magnesium to increase its absorption by the body, Isotonix Magnesium helps maintain normal blood pressure, bone health and sleep quality, while promoting head comfort and optimal muscle health.


Nutriclean Probiotics – Diversity of strains, total bacteria count and protection of the probiotics are the key elements in a powerful probiotic. While many products on the market deliver a high total probiotic count, they often are only coming from one or two bacterial strains. In contrast, Nutriclean Probiotics provides ten carefully selected bacterial strains each of which play a unique role to help your body maintain bacterial balance to support optimal digestive health. In addition, nutraMetrix Nutriclean Probiotics features LiveBac® and Biotract® technologies, which are both patented delivery forms that help keep probiotics alive during both bottling and throughout the digestive process, thus maximizing its effectiveness.


Trim Tea – nutraMetrix® TLS® Trim Tea is a gluten-free, thermogenic slimming tea formulated to promote a multi-functional method to weight loss. Containing WellTrim® iG (Irvingia Gabonensis/African Mango) and black tea extract, nu- traMetrix® TLS® Trim Tea uses a three-pronged approach to tackle weight management, targeting: satiety, appetite control and metabolic balance. While there are other weight management competitors on the market that use WellTrim® iG, most of them do not offer a product in the form of a tea. Patented and GRAS affirmed, WellTrim® iG, is a natural, clinically tested seed extract for weight loss and metabolic wellness.

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