Whilst on Vacation here from the UK I have enjoyed hour one-on-one exercises sessions with Louise, all tailored to my specific needs and each acknowledging the fact that I have an arthritic hip and a progressive lung disease. After each exercise session i have enjoyed a wonderful massage, provided by Louise who is a highly qualifies, intuitive and empathetic wellness practitioner.

I have also floated; Mot’us has luxurious float pods and this was a truly relaxing experience.

This is a high end wellness center and i Feel so much better for the exercise and therapies I have enjoyed at Mot’us. I am returning to the desert in April and will be booking in again with Louise and Mot’us.

Elizabeth F.  Solihull, UK

Wonderful!  Clean and professional!  This was my first float. The staff was knowledgeable and made the experience a great one. 

Such a relaxing experience to float for an hour. Highly recommended!

Cheryl B.   Tehachapi, CA

I just had the pleasure of experiencing my second float at Mot’us and all I can say is WOW!! My first float was really nice and enjoyable, but Louise (the owner) had told me that every float she had always provided a different experience.  When I entered the tank for my second time my mind was clear and I was ready to go.  I never thought that it would be such a different hour.  My mind totally let go and I felt as if I was floating on air.  I didn’t fall asleep, yet the time went by so quickly.  I came out feeling totally refreshed and renewed and the aches and pains in my back and hips had disappeared.  I also slept incredibly that night.

Mot’us also offers all types of massage, fitness classes, meditation, and therapies.  I will definitely be back again soon.

Michelle G.   Indio, CA

I did my first float today, and it was a wonderful experience! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and the pre-float video was very accurate re: what to expect and what to do. It felt like the times I’ve gone scuba diving and was weightless in the water – very relaxing. A couple of tips I would recommend for a better experience: if you color your hair, use a clarifying spray or special shampoo, like the ones that swimmers use, to remove minerals after your float. This will help protect your hair color or future haircolor applications. Also if you’re going for a Mani/Pedi, do that after the float not before so the polish isn’t affected.

My sore muscles and achy joints feel better already! Yes I plan to do it again.

Beverly J.  Palm Springs, CA

I had my first float at Mot’us the first week they opened. WOW! The Staff is Fantastic, and great detail was put into the planning to create the ultimate float experience!! Sound proofing, soft lighting, lovely private showers, it’s simply as good as it gets!! Thank you for opening and providing this service in the Coachella Valley!! You are such a valuable addition to wellness in the desert!! I definitely recommend the Mot’us experience to anyone who “looks within.” I own a Yoga Studio, and  I am recommending your facility to my students, I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Louise and the Staff at Mot’us!!


Kim T.   Rancho Mirage, CA

Booked 2 services spaced a day apart–massage with Louise, and a facial with Erika.  First the massage:  I am quite sure that I nodded off a few times, b/c b4 I knew it, Louise was on a different body part.  The oil she used left my skin so soft, that even after showering the next day, my skin was still soft and not the usual scaly that it gets.  She actually felt scar tissue from my knee that I had from years ago–I had twisted my knee roller skating–and she felt it!  Definitely one of the better massages I have had–not beaten up like the Thai massages.

Now for the facial:

Erika is amazing!  Her touch was firm when it needed to be, and barely there or gentle at other times.  She mixes her own potions and adds her own scents to them in the form of essential oils.  My skin has never felt so soft or looked so good—.  Erika applied a tightening mask  and did micro dermabrasion (not in that order).  On top of that, she is a wealth of information about what’s good for your skin and what’s not.  Really, one of the most enjoyable facials I have had….Can’t wait to come back and get another one–too bad it’s 2 hours from home!

Shari A.   Studio City, CA

25 years ago I floated in Australia. It was fabulous and I never forgot it.  It took years for me to find places to float in US. I eventually found two, but neither were very good experiences. At Mot’us I finally found a place that replicates that Aussie experience. First of all, this place is immaculate, comfortable, professional  and the staff is just plain nice. Also, there are different types of tanks. The Mot’us tanks are the only one since Australia that created a soothing, embracing environment. Give yourself a treat with a Mot’us float.

Roberta V.  Palm Springs, CA

Floating. Still!!  I had an incredible pre-Coachella visit Mot’us this past Friday and it was fabulous. I had a wonderful one hour massage first and then a one hour float…. At $127 this is the single best spa-like value of my life!  I weathered the rigors of Coachella without much sleep or missing a beat and I attribute this stamina to my float session. I just felt so darn healthy afterward!  Best of all, I love this facility. It’s immaculate and tranquil. I love the spa-like neutral decor and the privacy of the rooms. I felt very safe and nurtured. The staff is terrific. I can’t wait to go again!!!!! I expect I will be a regular!  Thank you, Mot’us!

Christine K.   Park Ridge, IL

Wow, wow, wow! Was in town for Coachella festival and Mot’us was doing a promo. Me and my partner went in for an Ayurvedic facial, a massage and a float. I started with an incredible facial done by Erika. She has a very relaxing touch, but firm when needed. My skin was glowing afterwards and she kindly gave me a free homemade facial scrub to take home and sunblock. She really knew her stuff! Then, I had a massage by Dmitri. He ended the massage with the best neck massage I have ever experienced. Incredible. The finale was the float. I was a little nervous as I’m prone to claustrophobic panics. So you can imagine I was more than a little worried. However, the owner Louise, told me how easy it was to get out if I wasn’t comfortable and also to use the intercom to contact her. There were buttons for different lighting that you can control. However, once in I just craved the darkness and silence. It was so incredibly restful 🙂 At the end of the hour I was just getting started into an even deeper state seeing beautiful visions and wish I’d had longer. Now I’m back in LA I’m searching for a place to do another float. Just so healing and restful. I slept so deeply and peacefully that night. My advice: Go for it!!!!

M.C.   Los Angeles, CA

Hands down the best experience. This is the place to go to, and be, to be taken care of and continue on a path of overall wellness. I loved the infrared sauna. If you have never tried it, you must. I also was lucky enough to get a 60 minute massage from Kathleen, amazing!

Jennifer G.   La Quinta, CA

This place is AMAZING!  Their pods are state of the art and each room has it’s own shower and amenities.  It is the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had and the staff could not be any more knowledgeable and friendly.  You float effortlessly and after about 20 or 30 minutes you are in a state of bliss that stays with you for a few days.  WARNING:  One float and you’ll be hooked.

J.D.   Palm Desert, CA

Started my evening with a massage (Paul)… By far the best massage in the valley! I may have been relaxed before my first time ever Float, but still unsure. WOW! Friendly staff answered all my questions. I wasn’t sure what an hour would feel like… well, it went by too quickly, pretty sure I floated out of there!

Deb K.   La Quinta, CA

Had my first float experience. Amazing!!!

I am one of those people that have hard time to sit in one place / focus and relax.

But this sure did it for me. I thought I can only last 10 min; but the 60 min recommend time flew by so fast. Combination of Epson salt H2O, music and the beautiful light put me in the trance state. The facility is very clean and organized. I can’t say enough about this place. Loved it. Highly recommend to give a try.

Fay H.   Rancho Mirage, CA

I absolutely loved my first float pod experience at Mot’us Floatation and Wellness Center. Highly recommend trying the float pods, it’s such a wonderful way to relax. This center is a beautiful place for relaxation and rejuvenation. I will definitely keep coming back!

Melinda V.   Rancho Mirage, CA

The best place to start if your looking to improve your life in any area. Everyone here is very well educated in their different fields and really tries to help you reach any goal you set for yourself. If your visiting the desert or a local you need to add this to your list of places to visit.

Mikayla M.   Indio, CA

Awesome place! Amazing owner who’s full of passion, I can’t wait to see how far this place can go.. there’s no limit to their potential.

Andrew T.   Indio, CA 

My first time floating and it was amazing. The facility is tranquil, beautiful and exceptionally clean. Excellent service from start to finish. Great start to my stay in the Desert.

Jessica L.   Victorville, CA

I can’t believe how amazing my experience was! A literal out of body zen encounter. Can’t wait to go back!

Elizabeth S.   La Quinta, CA

Felt incredible. I would recommend this to anyone, especially anyone experiencing back pain. What a treat.

Kimberly U.   Palm Desert, CA

Loved it feel great relaxed.. will definitely come back.

Donna S.   Palm Desert, CA

Did my first float,loved it.Very relaxing.Room done well, clean, anything you need is there!!   Staff friendly & helpful.  Go float, great experience!!!

Jean K.   Indio, CA

This is the first of its kind floatation and wellness center here in the desert, and it has an amazing staff and equipment. The floatation pods are a perfect way to relax and get centered. Highly recommend this business!

Tracy S.   Rancho Mirage, CA

Simply THE BEST experience!

All I can say is WOW! 

All this under one roof …. I received a uniquely tailored treatment plan executed by a professional and experienced team that really know the body!And finished off with a blissful float …. I’m definitely coming back :-))

Nicki C.   Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mot’us is one-of-a-kind. The people, the expertise, the surroundings, and the robust offerings are second-to-none. From floatation and energy work to therapeutic massage and functional training … this truly IS a “Wellness” Center in every sense of the word. I am honored to be a part of it.

Li S.   La Quinta, CA

I experienced my first float last week and it was fantastic. I didn’t quite know what to expect but now I’m excited to return for many more. It was a great way to de-stress and rejuvenate. The staff was very informative and pleasant and the facilities are clean and top notch. After my super relaxing float I had a very good therapeutic massage by Dimitri. On another visit, I attended a challenging interval strength and conditioning class led by Dylan. He was motivating and took care to cue each of us on proper technique to get the most out of the workout. I am looking forward to taking some of the other classes, such as yoga.

I think Mot’us is a great addition to the desert and perfect for anyone looking for a comprehensive facility to help balance your mind, body and spirit. I definitely recommend it!

Jeff W.   Palm Desert, CA

Golfers!! Let’s be clear the damn game is hard enough without trying to play with aches and pains. I was having this discussion with a doctor friend and he said go home and soak in Epsom salts. I laughed that it would have to be in the tub to get everything.

Another friend hearing this said that there were places where I could go and get a full body soak. I had never heard of one so went home and asked my friend ‘Google’. The introduction was to Mot’us. I called, got a float time and for the first time in my life a full soak in Epsom salts. Now being honest, I’m not 100% pain free; arthritis doesn’t give up easily. But it’s so diminished that I don’t think about it and have stopped my OTC “Arthritis Pills”. My friends who have gone to Mot’us for a variety of aches and pains are all fans.

There is only one way to learn for yourself. Schedule a float. It’s really easy, and fun even!!!”

Barney Adams, Owner of Adams Golf

I have had the opportunity to be a Mot’us client since they opened their doors in 2016. One of the services that I took advantage of was the floatation therapy. The first float led to the second and the third, each a new gratifying  experience. Sharing my experience with friends has made them now fellow floaters at Mot’us. And Li’s  guided INcentralism Meditation class has been my  weekly commitment and priority to maintain my spiritual essence, and bring balance and centering to my busy life. I am deeply grateful for this class and for the instructor. Renee’s energy balancing facial was given to me as my birthday gift. The moment I met Renee, I felt welcomed and cared for. Her treatment was a full 90 minutes of soothing and relaxing bliss.

Thank you, Louise,  for creating Mot’us as the number one go-to wellness center in the valley.

Ulle K, Palm Desert

Meeting Louise at the start of my journey to return to health was a Godsend! She met me where I was at, and led me where I wanted to go and beyond! I actually looked forward to my daily workouts with her and felt her care and expertise each step of the way. She laughed and cried with me during the process and I count her encouragement as one of the main factors of any successes I have enjoyed. What stands out most for me is the genuine care which helped me, as I worked thru decades of fear.

If you have a chance to work with her, RUN, don’t walk! She will meet you where you are and lead you to where you may have thought was an impossible place. And you will never see exercise or “getting healthy” the same.

Carla W.   La Quinta, CA

This Woman REALLY Knows Her Business… & I mean every part of it.!! My experience with Louise, ranges from a Stretch Class to Pilates with informational talks in between. That’s not all, due to a lot of Stress (Death’s, moving,+++), my body has been suffering, so off I trot to MOT’US… & have a hands on massage from the Queen of massage, 90 mins & walked out on Cloud 9.. Can’t wait for my next appointment…

Marsha L. Palm Desert, CA

From the relaxing, therapeutic massages, to the surreal floating pods and the sound bath therapy, I have experienced nothing but the absolute BEST treatments and customer service each and every time I visit Mot’us. I am always welcomed with a smile at the front desk by Peyton. And the owner, Louise, is amazing. She is truly dedicated to her craft and takes a true interest in her clients’ wellbeing.
I get major tension headaches and migraines quite often and have trouble sleeping from time to time – Louise is great at alleviating my pain and after a float session, I sleep like a baby. If you are looking for a quality wellness spa to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate, then go check out Mot’us Floatation and Wellness Center!
Dan Ball  Palm Desert, CA