About Us

Motus means movement or progression. The addition of the apostrophe separates the word to highlight the symbolism of the Team approach of ‘Mot’ivating ‘Us’.

Movement is key to living our lives as fully as possible. Without the ability to move we struggle to achieve the essential components of living. On an even higher level, our social and spare time activities all need movement in order to be successful.

If our movement is impaired, whether through illness, injury, lack of energy, poor nutrition or demotivation, it means that our whole existence is compromised and the ability to experience life to the full are dramatically affected on a negative level.

This leads to further complications not only of a physical nature, but also on an emotional and mental level, which will subsequently also have an impact on our social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing. In summary, movement is essential to optimizing our lives, hence the bi-line: ‘Live to Move, Move to Live’.

When you think about movement some of the ideas and images that form are: progression, advancement, flow, rhythm, synchronicity, balance, adaptability, complimentary, continuous and change. These are the elements that we at Mot’us want to help you achieve. Whether through floatation therapy, freedom massage and bodywork techniques or exercise in the functional training studio, all the education, advice and treatment protocols will be designed to help you move better physically and energetically to help prevention of injury and illness and to rehabilitate.

What can appear to be an initial simple health problem can commonly manifest into further dysfunction and become a much bigger issue over time due to compensatory movement patterns, leading to further complications within the mind, body and spirit.

Acute intervention helps to eradicate these problems but even at a more chronic time, addressing movement in, and of the body’s systems helps to manage and sometimes overcome these problems via condition management and therapeutic change.

Let US help MOTivate you to achieve your optimum health, movement and balance in life through Floatation, Freedom and Function.

“Your Gateway to Improved Quality of Life, Health, and Happiness!”
Floatation, Freedom and Function