Mot’us Floatation and Wellness Center is a brand new facility promoting health and well being, designed to cater to your individual needs.

The concept was born out of the philosophy of our brand name “Mot’us”. Motus means movement or progression in Latin. The addition of the apostrophe separates the word to symbolize our team approach and the idea of ‘Mot’ivating ‘Us’.

Movement is key to living our lives as fully as possible. If it is impaired — whether through illness, injury, lack of energy, poor nutrition or de-motivation — our entire existence is compromised, and the ability to experience life to the fullest is dramatically and negatively impacted.

This leads to further complications not only of a physical nature, but also on an emotional and mental level. And that will ultimately have an impact on our social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing.

In essence, movement is essential to optimizing our lives; hence the tagline: ‘Live to Move, Move to Live’.

At Mot’us, we want you to achieve all the essential elements of movement: progression, advancement, flow, rhythm, synchronicity, balance, and adaptability.

Whether through Floatation Therapy, Freedom Massage / Bodywork Techniques or exercise in the Functional Training Studio, our treatment protocols, guidance and education is designed to help you move better both physically and energetically, and help prevent or aid in rehabilitation from injury and illness.

Let us help motivate you to achieve your optimum health, movement and balance in life through the power of Floatation, Freedom and Function.