Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage

Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage

Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage (otherwise referred to as B.E.L.D) is a vibrational energy using cold gas ionization technology to produce negatively charged light photons. These photons have a specific frequency to penetrate into the skin up to two inches. Thus, reaching the congested lymph vessels and every tissue cell. This allows each and every cell to balance its charged condition. Which results in the cell disconnecting from the binding agent responsible for swelling and blockage. These cells are then able to dispose of waste into the lymphatic system. The photons provided by the B.E.L.D treatment stimulate cells to produce more energy, which naturally allows more oxygen absorption. Lack of oxygen flow at this cellular level is what causes inflammation and pain.

Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage can be quite relaxing, almost like a massage. As a massage allows the body to relax and enter the healing process, so does the B.E.L.D treatment! It also assists in ridding the body of toxins, poisons, and trapped proteins, as a massage does as well! It literally cleans the spaces in between cells and allows waste to slowly and safely flow through normal channels.

What All Does The Treatment Entail?

The Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage treatment is one that is gentle and noninvasive! It’s fast and more complete than manual techniques used alone. What one of our Mot’us therapists can do in just a one hour B.E.L.D session, would take countless hours without the use of vibration energy technology. The device we use here at Mot’us is a hand-held wand that is closely and lightly moved over the skin, which produces a negative energy field. This allows the blood and lymph fluid to move freely. This results in enhancing recovery by loosening proteins that are stagnant. These stagnant materials cause retained fluid and congested areas. This treatment causes these proteins to FLOW. In the end result, stagnation is reversed and the lymph system is FREE to perform its normal cleansing functions!

Call us here at Mot’us at (760) 610-5761 to book your first Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage treatment! Or if you’re interested in learning more, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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