Massage & Body Therapy

Within the freedom treatment arena, we offer a diverse range of integrative massage and bodywork therapies. Each specialist therapist will bring with them a variety of skill sets and different expertise.

Supporting our bodies through integrative massage and energetic body therapies is a vital component in maintaining our movements through life. It affects us on a physical nature and also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These therapies help give us the freedom to move through life with grace and ease, pain-free and mobile.

We use a ‘client-centered approach to care’ perspective when utilizing Integrative Massage and Energetic Body Therapies. This allows our extensively-trained therapists to create a session which best serves our clients’ needs, whether it’s the use of a single or a blending of several modalities.

There are four approaches to care, but within each a multitude of different modalities will be utilized specific to your needs. These four approaches are: Therapeutic Restorative, Maintenance, Relaxation or Comfort Care, and Energetic Subtle Body/Mind Awareness.

You define your need and then let the therapist integrate the best modalities to meet them.

Therapeutic Restorative Massage 

This would best serve a client when pain and or limited movement are present, caused by injury, accident, or repetitive motion. The condition has not caused permanent damage and with proper use of multiple massage techniques, a therapeutic restorative change can occur. The techniques used in this type of massage are more therapeutic or deep, they help disperse contracted muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also helps restore the natural free flow of movement.

Maintenance Massage 

This approach is utilized when someone wants to maintain their present healthy condition. Also, when someone has a chronic condition or illness where stress and tension are causing symptoms throughout the neuro-muscular system. This type of massage can help reduce a chronic pain pattern from developing or manage the symptoms if they have occurred. Therapy restoration is no longer needed, but the maintaining of individuals state wellness is the primary focus. This type of massage varies in pressure according to clients’ needs and condition.

Relaxation, Comfort Care 

In our ‘no pain, no gain’ society we have forgotten, overlooked or invalidated the benefits of purely relaxing and letting go. Relaxation is restorative and healing. This approach to massage can be experienced at any time someone wants to just let go and let the body/mind restore itself naturally. This type of massage utilizes medium to light pressure.

Body/Mind Awareness 

Sometimes we experience conditions in our lives that no matter what we do, we can’t seem to move beyond them. Potentially, we come to a point where we feel disconnected with our true nature. Allowing yourself to experience a session to enhance energetic subtle body awareness has proven to be a very effective approach to identify and release pattern of deep seed patterns of dysfunctional energy. Returning to our true nature is the most healing aspect of ourselves. This style of massage varies from the subtle touch to a heavy and deep disperse touch. Although the muscular system will benefit, the focus is opening energetic pathways to restore nature flow.

We take pride in offering the best therapists in the valley. They have both an expansive level of experience and techniques. Please check our therapist bios to gather a deeper knowledge of how they work and what techniques they use.

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