Fitness Classes here at Mot’us

FIIT Circuits in Fitness Classes: Functionally Integrated Interval Training to work all fitness systems! While being fun, freeing and functional. Using progressive movement techniques utilizing innovative equipment. Creating structural support to rehabilitate your entire body.

Become Functionally Fit whatever your ability is right now. These fitness classes are here to help everyone to maximize their potential.

Including Agility, Strength, Core, Balance and Power, these classes really have something for everyone and are structured dependent upon the participants as they are small, specialized and specific.

Combining Kettlebells, TRX and other Functional Strength Training, we will help you achieve a body full of Definition, and build Strength and Tone throughout your whole body.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Yoga Flow and Yoga Restore:

Yoga focusing on different outcomes, incorporating a variety of Yoga practices and with the common goal of alignment, breath, and posture.


Traditional Pilates Matwork and stretching whilst strengthening the entire torso with a few twists of Military and Old School Calisthenics.


This class describes pure body strength whilst creating a ‘lighter-feeling’ and leaner muscles. Combining the principles of Yoga, Pilates and Functional Conditioning this class will make you work really hard whilst calming your mind and body to strengthen you from the inside-out.

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