Floatation Therapy FAQ

Do I need to prepare for Floatation Therapy in any way?

Flotation Therapy is perhaps the easiest pastime imaginable. The only precaution that you should take is that you should not shave, wax, or tan at all on the day of your Float session. The high salt content of the water can be irritating to freshly shaved, tanned or waxed skin. We provide Vaseline in every room for people to cover any small cuts and grazes.

Please do not wear any hair or skin products prior to floating. If you have hair coloring that has not set you cannot go in the Float pod until the color is set and nothing washes out in the shower. Try not to eat about an hour before the float and have an empty stomach and bladder. Avoid caffeine 4 hours prior to your Float. You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Do I need to bring anything for the Float Session?

You won’t need a swimsuit as each pod is situated in its own private room. All of our showers have shampoo and body-gel provided. You will only need to bring your usual post-shower products such as deodorant, skin creams, hair brush/comb etc. We provide towels for your convenience. If you use contact lenses, please remember to bring something to store them while in the Float Pod.


How is water hygiene maintained?

Motus Floatation & Wellness Center complies with stringent health and safety regulations. The water contains mostly salt and so the solution is inherently sterile. When you exit the Float Pod our state of the art purification system will automatically begin cleaning the water for the next person.

The purification system will remove particles up to 5 microns (1/20th a human hair). Float Pod Technologies, who produce the Float Pods, uses Ozone and UV Light technology to purify and disinfect the water for 15-20 minutes between each and every float. The water is cycled four times through our filtration system. We use also Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as a main disinfectant. H2O2 is naturally produced when UV light strikes oxygen in the presence of moisture and is active in the environment during lightening storms. Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally found in honey as well, or more specifically when glucose oxidase in honey becomes diluted as when used on a wound. Each Client will experience a pristine pod and room upon each visit.


What if I can’t swim?

Floatation Therapy oesn’t require any swimming skills whatsoever. You’ll float like a cork and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are. You can even fall asleep and you are safely supported by the buoyant salt water solution.

Will my skin wrinkle?

No. Because the water contains high Epsom salt levels it doesn’t rob your skin of salt, (which is what causes wrinkling). Rather, it leaves your skin soft and silky.


Is there any risk of drowning?

The high buoyancy of the water makes it impossible for the individual to go beneath the surface. Once settled it is only possible to touch the bottom of the Float Pod with a great deal of effort.


Are there any negative side effects?

Not in the true sense of the word. Some first-time clients may emerge from the Float Pod feeling slightly nauseous. This is actually a good sign as it indicates that built-up stress is leaving the body. Clients rarely experience any cases of nausea in subsequent visits.


I’m pregnant, can the float pod harm my baby?

Absolutely not! In fact heavily, pregnant women probably get more relief from the Float Pod than anyone else. Just lying on a bed can be extremely uncomfortable for women in the later stages of pregnancy due to the massive gravitational strain placed on the body. The Float Pod is a wonderful haven to which pregnant women can escape. We do however recommend that like most activities floatation should be avoided in the first trimester.


What if i am claustrophobic?

Many people are concerned about being claustrophobic but nearly everyone has no problem at all once they have experienced being in the Pod. They feel a lot more spacious than you expect so once in spread your arms out and feel how much room you have got. You also have the options of keeping the light on and also the Pod door open or slightly ajar if you feel better this way. In time you will.

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