Preparing to Float


Our showers are equipped with towels, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You’ll be provided indoor sandals and disposable ear plugs (or bring your own).

For sanitation reasons you will need to bring a comb or brush and any special lotions or cosmetics you care to use after your float.

A swimsuit is optional during your floatation session or you can float naked.

Sound: The floatation tanks are equipped with audio. If you care to listen to your own music, please bring your MP3 files with you. You may also choose from our music and meditation library. Or, you may want to block out sound entirely.



  • Do not shave for 2 to 4 hours prior to your float. Entering salt water after shaving can sting. We provide petroleum jelly which will ease the sting.
  • You will be required to shower thoroughly before your float, so skip heavy make-up and hair products.
  • Food: It’s best to not be hungry or very full before floating; somewhere in the middle is just right.
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants like caffeine, tea or smoking at least 3 hours prior to entering the floatation tank. Drugs of any kind are NOT allowed in the tank.
  • If you have swimmers ear, are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition, please bring your own ear water- specific plugs. We supply standard disposable ear plugs only.



  • After you shower and insert your ear plugs, you will enter the tank. You may choose to close the lid completely, or keep it partially open. It’s up to you.
  • Position yourself with your head at the far end. You will see a control panel to your right that will allow you to choose your lighting, as well as turn on and off your chosen sound.
  • There is also an intercom that lets you communicate with the front desk in case of emergencies.



  • When the lights come up and the filters restart, your float is over.
  •  Please slowly get up and carefully step out of the tank onto the floor mat.
  • Get in the shower and wash all traces of salt off your body, face and hair. You’ll find all the products you’ll need in the shower.
  • Put your used towel in the hamper and throw your ear plugs in the trashcan.
  • Once you have dressed, come to the front desk and schedule your next float!

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